by Nightblooms

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    Working paper astrolabe included free with CD. Based on Chaucer’s c. 1391 "Treatise on the Astrolabe" and designed by Dominic Ford
    Star-taker" is the literal translation of "astrolabe". Download code also included.

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The album title “Star-taker” is the literal translation of “Astrolabe” -a medieval astronomical calculator- and it reflects the atmospheric, ethereal sound of the lushly harmonized star-gaze songs from Karla Manzur (Dana Falconberry, Alejandro Escovedo)

The CD comes encased in an actual working letter pressed paper astrolabe and will be available for sale at the release show Oct 30, and to order online Oct 31.

The moody and atmospheric sound reflects the classically lyrical themes of time and space, truth and beauty, gravity and the greater forces that that keep us where we are.

Among the many great performances on the record from Austin musicians: the restless noise guitar work of Lauren Gurgiolo (Okkervil River), volatile pedal steel from Ricky Ray Jackson (Phosphorescent) and voltaic synth performances from both Zac Traeger (Zorch), and Gustavo Manzur (Morrissey).

Recorded at Church House and Good Danny’s studios under the artful and artistic creative production team Christopher Cox and Grant Johnson, known as Fat Fuse. (Dana Falconberry, Eastern Sea, Abram Shook, Feverbones).


released October 31, 2014

All songs copyright Karla Manzur 2014
Vocals, main guitar, main piano- Karla Manzur

LUNAR SORTIE- Noise guitars: Lauren Gurgiolo, Christopher Cox
DRAWN- Synths: Gustavo Manzur, Lap Steel: Simon Page
ANALOG HEAD- Synths: Christopher Cox
REVERSER- other piano- Christopher Cox
FUNNEL CLOUDS- Beats: Dustin Gaudet, Synths: Zac Traeger
HORIZON IS A LIE- Strings: Thomas van der Brook, Bass: Lindsay Greene, Drums: Matthew Shepherd
<3=02/ AIR- Production and all sounds: Sam Chown
SATELLITE OR SLAVE- Pedal Steel: Ricky Ray Jackson
PHANTOM FADE- Piano and Synths: Zac Treager, Beats: Christopher Cox, Noise guitar:Lauren Gurgiolo

Recorded by Fat Fuse at Church House and Good Danny's Studios
Co-produced by Karla Manzur and Fat Fuse
Mastered by Thomas van der Brook/ Tonehaus
Astrolabe design © Dominic Ford
Letterpress printing by Lindsey Verrill and Dan Grissom / BiscuitPress

In addition to all the above...
so many thanks to these folks for making the release show possible:

All the amazing and inspiring voices of the super-choir
Zac Traeger and The Museum of Human Achievement
Lucia Brimer, Torvald Hessel and the Austin Planetarium
Lindsey Verrill and Dan Grissom- CD Letterpressing
Miranda Burnet / Greg Levin and Flash Tattoos
Jarle Lillemoen and Bone Spirits

And eternal thanks for the love and support from my family...
Mom and Dad
Lil bro Gus
Thomas the Rock



all rights reserved


Nightblooms Austin

this is only a place to put the things in my head that spill over into reality stop this is what i think and this is what makes me think this is only a test stop do not worry about i will explain upon my arrival stop do not send for help do not send for help ... ... more

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Track Name: lunar sortie
set it alight
salvage the rest
gone unused in your head
and leave it for dead
maybe the smoke
will cover the scent
of the burning desire
killed in its own fire

pause on the reel
floating away
watching suns fall and rise
like empires in eyes
stain on the white
gravity comes
like a heart on the attack
technicolor black

tournant et tournant ne pas s'arrêter
sortie la lune et allons à la mer
tournant et tournant ne pas s'arrêter
sortie la lune et allons à la mer

orbit has won
now make me whole
and then halve me again
have me again
footsteps ahead
i know that bend
i have been here before
no need to explore

turning and turning degree by degrees
lets leave the moon and take to the seas
turning and turning and never to cease
lets leave the moon and take to the seas
Track Name: analog head
infinite approaching
halide fade out into fade in
in the warp it's warm
oxygen on iron

glitch upon an artifact
run aground inside her math
there's no ending to the edge
inside your analog head

there are no ledges off which to fall
i can't slip through any particles
i can't escape the cosine curve
of the unbroken wave we form

see light echo off the sea
split upon the blade of your cheek
you erode the jagged edge
inside my analog head

coming to inside the cave
discern the light by how the shade behaves
see the beauty in the blur
we are wave and they are particle

the beginning blend into the end
you've no pixels to defend
only bleed into the next
inside your analog head
Track Name: reverser
bending the waves
to make a color
yet one yet unnamed / yet one yet unnamed

fixed air exhale
encrypt the plan and
hide it under your skin / under my skin

sunriser / realizer / dissolver / revolver
daybreaker / mistaker / reverser / reverser

burn reentry
through the atmosphere
nothing left of me / nothing left of me

versed in light
reversed to dark
when i can't understand / i can't understand

and then we land
on the leeward side
translating eyes / translating eyes
Track Name: horizon is a lie
you're the ocean
i am the sky
the horizon is a beautiful lie

the sea touches the sky
as far as we can see though
they lie on the horizon they're
as far apart as they could be

sharpen the awl
now cut along the fault line
tell me where to fall apart

vanishing point
in the distance where we join
the horizon is a lovely lie

the sea reflects the blue sky
the ocean seeds the rain
the rain then feeds the ocean
in turn it turns the sky to grey

skies are in your eyes
oceans deep in mine
i'm what makes you blue
and you are what makes me cry

in haze and in the distance
there is blurring of the line
what is yours and what is mine
still i am yours and you are mine...
Track Name: funnel clouds
you paint my face
a landscape
lips to trespass, eyes to violate

tape spinning round
wax spinning sound
eyes are stealing air like funnel clouds

traveling parallel it's hard to tell
burning through your layers like the circles of hell

slave or satellite
reach the limit of the light
curve in orbit round the slope of your smile

can you see
i'm an empty galaxy
i will let you burn inside the arms of me
Track Name: drawn
would i could write down such lines
parallel and side by side
they meet in odd geometry
akin to synchronicity

pull me down while you descend
lines like lovers curve the bend
do you think these things exist
spite the gods despite the myths

nothing's black and nothing's white
shade of gray my shaft of light
trapped in a box with blue sky sides
i’m free to walk but for your eyes

coincidence and happenstance
fluke, unhappy accident
in outer space of your insides
we’re drawn together outside the lines

you’re the hero, i’m a star
that remembers each night who you are
when its dark enough to shine
your lines intersect with mine
Track Name: satellite or slave
gravity, hold me down, hold me under
give me air to breathe
then take it away again
take me while you can

orbiting and no longer receiving
signal from above
trace me a path through your sky
draw me a map of your love

justify what my eyes are seeing
give me reasons to move
only for you my love
anything for you

mercury, let me gasp in your vapors
while i turn, i seethe
while i revolve i am burning
teach me how to leave

perigee, pull me close to your center
satellite or slave?
close enough to burn
far enough to keep turning keep turning….

keep turning returning...
Track Name: <3=02
drop me like a bomb you can't diffuse
trade in for someone one could really use
all the words you say i sent away
floating in a ship i carved to keep them safe

air is thinning
love is oxygen
someone stealing
air i breathe in

let it sink like a ship like a word on the tip of your tongue on your lips upon mine

watch me like the time that's running out
prove me like an answer that you really doubt
take me like a chance you can't refuse
make me like a choice that you should never choose
Track Name: phantom fade
The sun is sliding
over space and time
and there is hiding
intertwining vine

the trees are are keeping
something to themselves
and there is reaping
heavens in our hells

and if i you were here i cannot say
everything is washing away
phantom fade , phantom fade

hands are shaking
revolving revolver
and boughs are breaking
baby's in the clover

let the distance
do its work in time
do not resist it
but instead resign

do not send for help… do not send for help…